Theology Connect relies on local leadership to shape and guide its conferences.  Local advisors are decisive for choosing keynote speakers and conference themes. 

  • Rev. Dr. john McClean

    Vice Principal & Lecturer in systematic theology (Christ College)

    John McClean is a member of the local board of advisors for Theology Connect in Australia.  John is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of Australia and lectures in systematic theology at Christ College (Sydney).  John has authored a wide array of publications, some with a special focus the Reformed tradition, the theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg, theological ethics and political theology.  John is currently at work on an introduction to Christian doctrine entitled, "the real God for the real world."  John is married to Elizabeth and has two children, Michael and Brianna.  John enjoys running, mountain biking, reading, especially Australian novels, body surfing and camping.  A number of John's papers can be accessed here.

  • Rev. Dr. Kirk Patston

    Director of Postgraduate Studies (Sydney Missionary & Bible College)

    The Rev. Kirk Patston is a member of the local board of advisors for Theology Connect in Australia.  Kirk is the director of postgraduate studies at Sydney Missionary & Bible College.  Prior to his work at SMBC, Kirk studied Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney and worked in Speech Pathology for a number of years. He then did theological studies before being ordained and working in Presbyterian Ministry. He joined the faculty of SMBC in 2000. Kirk’s academic interests are in the area of Wisdom Literature, the relationship between the gospel and culture, and ministry with people with disabilities.  Kirk is also married to Lisa and the father of two teenage boys. The Patstons live and attend church in the Lower Blue Mountains.  For a list of Kirk’s publications, look here.

  • Rev. Dr. David Starling

    Lecturer in New Testament (Morling Theological College)

    The Rev. Dr. David Starling is a member of the local board of advisors for Theology Connect in Australia.  David joined the faculty of Morling Theological College in 2005 as a part-time lecturer in New Testament, and in 2007 became a full-time member of faculty at Morling Theological College, teaching New Testament and Theology.  David brings a wealth of educational and pastoral experience into his role.   David’s research interests cover a broad range: biblical interpretation, theological hermeneutics, Pauline theology and exegesis (especially Romans, Galatians, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Ephesians), theology of ministry and leadership, and theological method.  David is married to Nicole, and they have a son, Jacob, and three daughters, Rebecca, Elsie and Lydia. They are involved in serving together at Macquarie Baptist Church.  View the publications of David Starling here.

  • Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson

    Principal & Head of Department of Theology, Philosophy and Ethics (Moore Theological College)

    The Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson is a member of the local board of advisors for Theology Connect in Australia.  Mark is married to Kathryn and they have four daughters:  Elizabeth, Anna, Rachel and Mary.  He has been teaching doctrine since 1991 and is the head of the Theology, Philosophy and Ethics department at Moore Theological College.  Outside of College, his ideal day includes spending time with the family and watching a good movie.  Mark has contributed to a wide array of publications, including numerous monographs and articles, listed here.

  • Dr. Christopher Green

    Founder & Director, Theology Connect

    Chris is the director of Theology Connect.  He lectures/tutors in systematic theology at Azusa Pacific University and Ridley Theological College, and previously lectured in theology at Wesley Institute in Sydney (now Excelsia College) between 2010-2014.  Chris is a graduate of Multnomah University, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and King's College, The University of Aberdeen.  His work on Karl Barth's doctrine of divine providence is available here.  Also, together with David Starling, he has published the proceedings from the 2016 Theology Connect conference here.  Chris is married to Rachel, and has three sons: Ethan, Benjamin and William.  He enjoys running, conversing with others, exploring Australia and travelling to other countries.

  • Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer

    Research Professor of Systematic Theology (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

    Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer is an international friend of Theology Connect.  Kevin Vanhoozer is an American systematic theologian who writes on a variety of hermeneutical and doctrinal themes, such as the thought of Paul Ricouer, the importance of authorial intent in biblical hermeneutics, the doctrines of God and Scripture.  Kevin's theological acuity is only matched by his pastoral care for his students.  A more expansive bio for Dr. Vanhoozer can be found here.